Kill the MP3J!

LP not CD. Vinyl not MP3. Buy vinyl! Lets get the real DJ's Back in the DJ booth. No more of this bored look sitting on a stool hunched over a laptop and or Ipod "spinning" music that was most likely taken from a blogspot online. Getting paid the same amount as someone who searches long and hard for these songs and spends his or her hard earned cash keeping record store owners in business! Dedicated to carry out cases of vinyl and really spin for you! Kill the MP3J!

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The Midnight Barber Is Dead

As you and many may know I do not say much in these blog posts but people want to know what happened to the Midnight Barber. Unfortunately my Blog of three years was put down by a google account... An account/email address I made a month or two ago automatically made itself the main email address on T.M.B. not to my knowledge and was getting a lot of alerts of comments sent to it instead of my primary email. So I deleted my Google account expecting it to go back to my other email and it did away with T.M.B just like that. Three years gone. So I am trying to look at it positively and start fresh. Here's to three more years. It's Breakfast Time.

XTC "Making Plans For Nigel"

"Live" on T.O.T.P.