Tonight Young Boys go on @ 10pm opening for Twin Guns and Heaven @ Secret Project Robot for Perfect Prescription.

Saturday the 18th, this weekend!
DJ Dan Wise and I are throwing down big Punky Reggae X -Mas tunes ON VINYL as always! @ Macri Park. 10pm-4am. Free entry. Drink specials. Dance floor.

Kas Product 'Try Out'

Kas Product 'Try Out' 1982. Brilliant from front to back. 

Kas Product "Never Come Back"

Josef K 'Sorry for Laughing'

Finally got my hands on this song! Its on a Rough Trade 7" 4 way split with Primal Scream, Aberfeldy and Juniper Moon.

Also finally someone re-posted this on YouTube. Dig it.

Strawberry Dum Dum Switchblade Girls

Dum Dum girls did a cover of the very awesome Strawberry Switchblades song 'Trees & Flowers':

For those that do not know this is Strawberry Switchblade:

The Boys Are Back...

Young Boys are playing there first gig in over a year. www.myspace.com/killyoungboys

Young Boys debut 7" 'Bring em Down' on Rococo Records has just been sent off to the pressing plant and should hopefully be available for purchase at your local record store sometime in the beginning of the new year. (more details on release date soon.)